This is about a rockstar on world tour wrecking hotel rooms. Some rooms are shabby, some are classy - wreck them all! Do it with style and in rockstar-fashion, make it look good for the lurking paparazzis. Be on the front page of the daily newspaper - to become truly famous!


• 25 game level hotel rooms to wreck
• Progressing story-mode and free-mode by choice
• 5 boss level fights versus very upset hotel managers
• Unlock 25 extraordinary rockalicious weapons
• Every level performance rated by a jury of celebrity-parody characters
• Various bonus stages (arm wrestling, beer drinking, jailbreak and more)
• Localized in English, Spanish, German, French
• Digitized lifelike characters
• 100+ moves and objects to use
• Simple and intuitive touchscreen controls
• Devices/Platforms: iPhone, iPad, iPod (iOS 4.3)
• Playable in landscape and portrait orientation

The game plays free for 3 Stages and requires one App Store purchase to get access to the rest of the game.

Apple devices

Control the rockstar in a "click and do"-manner with a fighting game-like moveset including superspecial finishing moves to be used on any hotel room object. Wreck the hotel room with as much damage and style possible within a threshold limited by time until police arrives to advance in the game.









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