Main characters
«The Band»

Heinz: Leader of the band, Guitar. Passionate and mother loving.
Ralph: Drummer. Always offering a helpful hand.
Lizzy: Bassguitar. Hungry and ready to roll.

«Hotelmanagers» (Bossfights)

Robinson: The «Cavaliere» of the hotel and fashion industry, commited and conservative catholic with great balls of fire.
Pistoletta Middleton: Self pro-
claimed greatest, straight
shooting sheriff of middle
earth and else.
Wu Tang: Likes chopping chicken meat. Natural aversion to western arrogance. Just newly renovated his 36 chambers.
Monsieur Castillo: Sleeping eternally in an ancient, french hotel dungeon, better not to be disturbed by loud electric guitars..
Abdullah Hamilton: The sheik and five star hotel owner from Dubai oozing luxury. When he’s mad he flings his shoes.







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