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This game is all about wrecking hotel rooms in rockstar fashion. The goal of each game level is to create as much damage as possible and with as much style as possible. The style is relevant as after every hotel room a jury of celebrities rates the actions of this level for popularity score.

Each hotel room has a set of destroyable and usable objects like chairs, mirrors, cupboards, tables, beds, windows, curtains, toilet bowls, lamps and more. And also included are the rockstar’s personal objects like guitar, spray cans, beer cans, whisky bottles, mobile phones, etc. The amount and complexity of both objects and rooms increase throughout the game. Each Level has a damage threshold to be reached within a time limit until police arrives. If the police arrives before the damage threshold of the level is reached, it‘s gameover.The core idea of the game is to give the player a lot of freedom on how to destroy the rooms, which adds a unique kind of fun to the game.
Also a free play mode is included for quick play without time limit. The levels for free mode have to be unlocked by playing hrough the story-mode.In addition, the players can submit their popularity scores to an online highscore list to compare their score and compete with other players.

There are a total of 25 play-able hotel rooms categorized in 1 to 5 star hotel categories. All 5 hotel categories end with a one versus one battle against a hotel manager using the same moves as in the hotel room levels. Also included are various bonus stages which feature arm wrestling, a drinking contest, escaping from jail and crashing a poolparty.

Game Controls

The player controls the Rockstar in a «click and do» manner, using multitouch screen functionalities like tapping, drawing a line, drawing a circle or pinch. Comparable to third person games like «The Sims» or older games like «Secret of Monkey Island», but with touchscreen-functionality. The game uses all the advantages and control-specific abilities of the touchscreen instead of a virtual d-pad, so the controls feel more natural and intuitive.

Gamedesign and Graphics

The graphics are a mix of digitised actors and illustrated artwork, similar to games like the original Mortal Kombat or Pit Fighter. The graphic animations of the characters are created through a greenscreen process, where the various poses and moves are acted out by actors in front of a video camera. The game engine uses 2-Dimensional graphics within a «pseudo 3D environment» where actual room physics are simulated. It’s a enhanced «Double Dragon» side-scrolling experience. The background- and game menu-graphics have a cartoon-like look which adds to the comedic nature of the game. The illustrated artwork of the objects combined with the digitised characters creates a unique look, rarely used in videogame history.


The soundtrack features exclusive, instrumental rock tunes produced specially for this game. All songs will soon be available for download
via iTunes.


The game contains English, German, Spanish and French language translations, changeable during gameplay in the settings menu.








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